Exploring AI Video Generation: A Guide to Using MidJourney, RunwayML, Loudly, and iMovie

In recent years, arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence (AI) has sig­ni­fic­antly impacted cre­at­ive con­tent cre­ation. AI-powered tools offer new pos­sib­il­it­ies for artists and con­tent cre­at­ors to enhance their work. In this blog post, we will explore the pro­cess of gen­er­at­ing AI videos using Mid­Jour­ney, Run­wayML, Loudly, and iMovie – a com­bin­a­tion of tools that empowers cre­at­ors to pro­duce innov­at­ive video content.

Image gen­er­a­tion using Midjourney
  1. Using Mid­Jour­ney to Cre­ate a Prompt:
    Mid­Jour­ney is an AI text-to-image plat­form that allows users to input a prompt. This prompt serves as the found­a­tion for the image’s concept. Users can choose scenes, stor­ies, or abstract ideas they want to visu­al­ize using AI-gen­er­ated content.
  2. Trans­form­ing Images with Run­wayML:
    Run­wayML is an AI-powered plat­form that facil­it­ates cre­at­ive col­lab­or­a­tion between artists and AI algorithms. By past­ing an image into Run­wayM­L’s inter­face, users can wit­ness how AI trans­forms it into a dynam­ic video sequence. This fusion of human cre­ativ­ity and AI tech­no­logy adds a unique touch to the visu­al aspect of the video.
  3. Enhan­cing the Exper­i­ence with Loudly’s AI Audio:
    Loudly offers an AI-powered sound gen­er­a­tion tool, enabling users to cre­ate immers­ive sound­scapes to com­ple­ment their AI-gen­er­ated videos. With a diverse lib­rary of sounds and styles, Loudly allows cre­at­ors to cus­tom­ize audio ele­ments to match their video’s mood and theme.
  4. Fine-tun­ing and Edit­ing with iMovie:
    iMovie, a user-friendly video edit­ing soft­ware on iOS, empowers users to merge visu­als and audio seam­lessly. Cre­at­ors can refine their videos by trim­ming clips, adding trans­itions, and apply­ing effects. iMovie’s intu­it­ive inter­face sim­pli­fies the edit­ing pro­cess, ensur­ing a pol­ished final product.
  5. Shar­ing Your AI Video Cre­ation:
    Upon com­ple­tion, cre­at­ors can share their AI-gen­er­ated videos with the world. This com­bin­a­tion of human cre­ativ­ity and AI tech­no­logy offers a unique per­spect­ive on video pro­duc­tion. Cre­at­ors can show­case their work on social media, in exhib­i­tions, or as part of per­son­al projects.
Example of fusion of AI gen­er­ated video with AI gen­er­ated audio using iMovie on iOS

Gen­er­at­ing AI videos using Mid­Jour­ney, Run­wayML, Loudly, and iMovie allows cre­at­ors to explore the syn­ergy between human ima­gin­a­tion and AI tech­no­logy. These tools unlock new pos­sib­il­it­ies, enabling the pro­duc­tion of innov­at­ive and cap­tiv­at­ing video con­tent. Embra­cing the poten­tial of AI-assisted video pro­duc­tion can lead to ground­break­ing cre­at­ive exper­i­ences for both cre­at­ors and audi­ences alike.