Innov­a­tion becomes the artist’s brush,
paint­ing dreams on the can­vas of the future.


Digit­al cul­ture today takes place in the digit­al realm. Non­phys­ic­al objects are being traded via NFTs. See my NFT col­lec­tions on plat­forms such as OpenSea or Hicetnunc.

Data Science

Data Sci­ence is often seen as a process“data to know­ledge”. How­ever, it also has a great poten­tial for cre­at­ive use. I am using data visu­al­iz­a­tions to show what the data hides.


The role of lit­er­at­ure has always been to cre­ate a stage for sub­lim­a­tion of issues in soci­ety, as well as for­ward-think­ing. My writ­ing tackles issues of the digit­al trans­form­a­tion of humankind.